The Type Hunter, Co.
Always On The Hunt


Support for Creatives, Collectors, Artists, and Innovators.

Areas of Focus



We are on a quest to make typographic and vintage-inspired designs accessible and available to those who share our passion.  Some products are created exclusively by our studio, but we also welcome partnerships with artists, designers, and makers who continue to generate products aligned with our mission.  Please contact us if you'd like to discuss your work.


We have direct access to some of the largest and most unique collections and archives in the World.  Additionally, we're building up services and experiences to unlock and share these collections so that all may have access to studying and purchasing bits of history.  Please get in touch if you would like to explore making your unique collection more accessible to others who share your passion.


Nothing compares to experiencing a real-time conversation around typography, vintage design, ephemera, or collecting.  We speak often and have passionate partners that also speak and have unique locations to host your venue.  Inquire about creative talks or meeting space for your special interest groups.

Digitization & Archiving Services

We are busy working on concepts and services that make it easier to capture and organize large collections of ephemera and antiques for sharing and selling.  We believe in the power of leveraging digital to preserve physical objects.  If you have a promising technology or business model, we are open to exploring new approaches with existing or startup partners.


Our favorite activity is to wander and type hunt. The Type Hunter, Co. continuously purchases unique discoveries for resale, photo shoots, storefronts and window displays, and for use in a film. Whether you have a commission project or need to rent items to capture a unique vintage feel, we can provide you with physical ephemera, antiques, and can create unique reproductions with authentic details.  Our motto is Always On The Hunt.  Please speak with us about your needs.


The ways people consume typography and vintage design are constantly in flux, and so are the technologies that deliver experiences and information. We are well suited to help you leverage existing and emerging technologies to get your products, archives, and messages out into the digital world. We have experts in innovation, software development, user experience and digital marketing to help you connect the dots. Please reach out for a conversation if you'd like to explore possibilities.